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Richard Walker
Richard Walker
Director, Walkerstone

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to  Walkerstone.

We’re a team of professional trainers and business writers.

Explore our courses

Our courses range from “Essential Business Writing” to “How to Write Business Cases”.

We can tailor our business writing courses to your personal needs in terms of interest, focus and schedule. For companies, we deliver in-house courses.

As a team of writers and trainers, we are different from most other professional training organisations.

Our writing capability enables us to bring real-world case studies, relevant experience and knowledge into our courses. It makes for powerful training.

For instance, my background includes senior marketing roles with Microsoft and EDS (now HP) where I authored numerous reports, business cases, and successful proposals. My colleagues have similar backgrounds.

That’s why so many leading sales people, business people and entrepreneurs rely on our services.

We can help you to write with impact. After all, we train hundreds of successful business people just like you every year.

Hire a business writer

We offer a range of services from editing and reviewing to writing on your behalf.

Our bid and tender writing services have resulted in the award of millions of pounds of business for organisations in construction, health, telecoms, finance and transport.

We also produce business plans and business cases for public and private sectors.

If you think our services may be of value to you, do contact me at any time. I would be delighted to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Richard Walker

01252 792270