The Benefit of Combining Training with Coaching

We’ve just introduced a great new service which maximises learning within a real environment, minimises the time that employees need to take from work, and increases overall learning effectiveness.

It works like this: We mix conventional classroom training with online coaching to meet class needs as well as address individual writing goals based on tailored programmes.

Our service has three elements:

  1. Pre-course online briefings with each delegate to assess desired outcomes linked to business goals.
  2. Half-day course.
  3. Post-course online briefings with each delegate to discuss progress, provide encouragement, and to deliver guidance and assistance.

Pre-course briefing

Before the briefing, delegates are invited to email an example of one of their documents. We respond with comments and advice and then discuss – over the phone or Skype – each delegate’s writing needs linked to their business goals.

The online briefing takes around twenty minutes. We then agree a Personal Action Plan – a one-page document which focuses on areas which each delegate wishes to improve.

The plan details document type, purpose, recipients, content, style, tone and desired response, as well as desired delegate improvement.

After the briefing, the one-page plan is emailed to each delegate before the course.

Half-day course

Courses are delivered first thing in the morning and tailored to a customer’s precise writing requirements. Amongst the topics we include how to get messages across with impact and how to present information to best effect.

Full course notes and slides are provided. Examples used during courses are related to real-life customer business scenarios gleaned from pre-course briefings.

Hands-on exercises are delivered in teams. At the end of our usual two-hour sessions, delegates update their Personal Action Plans.

Post-course briefing

 Delegates select a time best suited to them for a post-course briefing. Briefings take place over Skype. Before the briefing, delegates are invited to upload an example of one of their reports produced after the course.

The discussion takes place over Skype, documents are shared and suggested amendments, advice, and encouragement given. Together we update the Personal Action Plan online.


  • Employee business goals are linked to outcomes
  • Time away from work at any one time is two hours
  • The focus is on real written communication needs
  • A mix of training and coaching is far more effective than conventional training
  • Exercises are Customer specific
  • Pre and post course briefings take place at the delegates’ convenience
  • The Personal Action Plan is goal-focused for each delegate
  • Additional support is available at any time.

Additional support

Additional support is available on demand. Walkerstone also offers expert writers to help deliver quality reports, business cases, and presentations.


Costs are related to document type, desired outcomes and specified business goals.