8 Common Writing Errors That Make You Look Unprofessional (Infographic)

Common writing errors

8 of the Most Common Writing Errors

To wrap up our series of Common Writing Errors, we’ve put together an infographic to help you improve your writing skills and hopefully help you (or someone you know) to avoid making these writing mistakes in the future. Whether you yourself are making these common mistakes or you know someone in your business that is in need of some advice, our infographic is designed to help you memorise these top writing tips and for you to take away and use as a grammar checklist.

Written Communication Skills

Concluding our series, the infographic features eight common writing mistakes and aims to guide you through how to correct those mistakes. Make sure to check that the common errors listed in the infographic below aren’t making you (or your business) appear unprofessional. If you want to get it perfect when it comes to written communication skills for your business (to aid in a professional image), learning to avoid these common errors in writing will work wonders. While they’ll only take a few seconds to learn and correct, they’ll save you a lifetime of annoyance and evil stares from colleagues and clients.

If you like what you see, please feel free to share our Common Writing Errors infographic on your own website (crediting Walkerstone.com) and help spread these useful tips. These are just eight common mistakes in writing that you might be making. Want to learn more? Have a look at our Essential Business Writing courses and see how we can help you write better today.

The infographic covers the below eight writing errors. If you haven’t come across any of our blogs before, simply click on each one and you can find out more about each of the below writing errors:

Common writing errors infographic

Common Writing Errors Series:

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