Executive Coaching Plus

executive coaching plus
Boosting your organisation’s competitive edge

Today, people in business don’t just need to write, they need to write well.

Whether you and your senior colleagues write reports, business cases or proposals, your writing needs to interest, appeal and persuade. In fact, your organisation’s competitive edge depends on it.

After all, the difference between winning or losing contracts, business cases, or bids, often depends on the quality of written communication.

That is why organisations often outsource the writing of formal documents to professional writers. It works well in general, but there is a downside.

It means that executives do not build up their own experience, knowledge or writing skills. Their organisations are the poorer for it.

Training is an answer but not a complete answer. Learning requires practice which in turn requires time. Both are in short supply in many organisations. So the writing of major documents such as bids continues to be outsourced.

It is a problem with no easy solution. Until now, that is.

Executive Coaching Plus – enables you to learn, produce and build experience at the same time. We focus on your writing projects, deliver professional coaching, and support you to write to the highest standards.

We also offer you peace of mind. For instance, if you have an urgent writing project but insufficient time to write, we can complete the project for you. We are highly successful business writers, marketers as well as professional coaches.


We adapt to your preferences. We can work from our offices, your offices, or communicate with you by the means that best suits you – over Skype, phone, email, or face to face.


Designed for you

Our service is designed for executives like you who want to acquire a competitive edge from their writing. In particular our service is aimed at:

  • Senior managers and executives who need to deliver high writing standards.
  • High achievers whose primary skills may be technically focused.


We start by gaining an understanding of your requirements and agreeing a coaching process which matches your preferences. These include:

  • Your goals, the document-type you wish to produce and the content required
  • Timescales, your readers, your objectives and the required angle
  • How you wish to work with us


We produce simple capture libraries of your information which we link to our training modules, slides and video segments.

For a business case, we might create a library structure which includes opportunity definition, situation, problem, need, offering, competition, positioning, and value proposition.

For other documents we might create a completely different library structure based on content required.


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Whatever approach, techniques and methods we use, we will enable you to:

  • Enhance your skills rapidly
  • Be confident that your writing project will be completed
  • Receive coaching focused entirely on your work
  • Have access to knowledge, experience and skills on demand
  • Produce and learn at the same time
  • Present information effectively
  • Deliver documents of a high standard


That is why leading business people, marketers and entrepreneurs consider our service to be essential.