Proposal / Bid Writer

Our capability

When you hire one of our professional bid writers, you will receive years of bid writing expertise, knowledge and experience in one package.

It means that the best tools, techniques, and bid writing methods will be deployed to your benefit.

Nothing will be spared from giving you the best chance of winning.

In fact, it’s as if our reputation depends on your bid success.

It does. We are as keen as you are on getting you over the winning line.

You will be reassured to know that our average win-rate has been 80% over the past 12 months. Our recent experience includes work in market sectors:

  • Business services
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Local government
  • Recruitment
  • Telecoms
  • Transport

Bid Manager

We take responsibility for managing your bid writing process.

We ensure that your business is compliant before we start so that no time and effort are wasted.

As bid manager, we ensure that your team has complete understanding of the requirements.

We then build the foundation of your bid – the value proposition – in co-operation with senior members of your company and your bid team.

That’s our starting point.

Our end point is delivering your winning bid to completion and on time.

Bid Writer

We create answers, develop win themes and ensure your proposition is benefits-led, customer focused and relates directly to your value proposition.

Questions behind questions

We look at how best to answer bid questions. Behind some questions are unrevealed supplementary questions. Sometimes the unrevealed are obvious. Sometimes not.

It takes research to find them all.

Then it’s down to creating compelling answers linked to proof of capability.

Graphics and layout

First impressions count. How your document looks has a direct bearing on its impact.

We work with you to decide on how best to emphasise key points – with testimonial quotes, infographics, diagrams or charts.


We ensure that your bid matches your prospect’s evaluation criteria and process.

Our goal is to give you a competitive edge.

All in all

Whether you need a Bid Manager, Bid Writer, Proposal Editor or a Document Reviewer, we are available to boost your chances of winning.

Call us on 01252 792 270 or email