Business Case Writing


Our offer to you

We offer to create a sound business case for you which will include every ingredient to achieve approval.

Business cases are based on a cost model. They comprise an argument to convince a decision maker to approve a specific course of action over another.

A business case reveals a situation – a problem or an opportunity – and details how the situation could be addressed in terms of benefit and risk.

It needs to show a compelling case for change, value for money, commercial viability, affordability, and achievability.

The first stage of a business case is to produce a rough justification for addressing a problem or opportunity. It may start with your belief that you can improve a situation, save cost, make money, or achieve competitive advantage.

Whatever it is, you are unlikely to have complete information straight away, but you should have a rough idea of all that you need to justify your business case.

Feasibility factors will include situation knowledge, market size, competition, income opportunity, costs, funding, resourcing, and risk.

What you should be clear about are the drivers for addressing the situation, and why your idea, product or service may have commercial traction.

From the first stage to the last, we can help you produce a first-class and compelling business case.

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