Organisation Method

Writing well is one challenge but the efficient organisation of complex information is another. To help our clients succeed, we deliver training on a proven organisational method within many of our courses.

The method helps you to organise, test and validate your ideas. It enables you to produce well-structured emails, compelling reports and persuasive arguments. The method involves applying hierarchy, logic and reasoning.

Hierarchy concerns information importance or natural order. For instance, what comes first must be the most important point or the first in the most logical order. What comes second should be the second most important point and so on.

Logic concerns the validity of your thoughts. The method enables you to analyse and test your ideas so that you can see whether your argument is valid before you put your finger to keyboard.

Reasoning is about your approach to a problem and how to apply a logical process.

Below is an example of the results of a logical sequence of thought. There is a vertical relationship between points and sub-points but there is also a relation within sets of sub-points.

As you go down into sub-points, each sub-point begs questions which need to be answered by the subsequent layer and so on. Structuring your thoughts in this way enables you to think clearly, see what needs to be answered and to produce well thought-through persuasive ideas.

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