Presentation Skills

About the presentation skills course

All of us in business are called upon doing a presentation from time to time. When asked to do so, we aspire to deliver interesting, compelling and effective results.

With this course you will learn effective presentation techniques and how to channel your nerves to positive effect. Furthermore, this training gives you the opportunity to learn, practice, and gain presentation coaching in a friendly and supportive environment.

Learning outcomes

  • Set clear objectives
  • Structure effectively
  • Apply good visual aids
  • Engage with your audience
  • Channel nerves for positive effect

Who should attend?

This training course is aimed at business development professionals, sales people and others who are involved in making presentations. The course outlines how to create a successful presentation, oral presentation skills and tips on presenting.

How will I benefit from this presentation training?

This course will enhance your overall presentation skills. In particular, you will:

  • Improve your win rate
  • Deliver a presentation with confidence
  • Use language to best effect
  • Have confidence in your material
  • Engage with ease

Outline of programme


  • Course objectives
  • Identifying and analysing your fears

Personal presentation skills

  • Techniques to overcome nerves
  • Conveying enthusiasm
  • Capitalising on your personality
  • Getting your message across naturally

Seven stages

  • Presentation objectives and key messages
  • Audience definition
  • Planning
  • Content including handouts
  • Structure
  • Preparing answers to likely questions
  • Practice

Presenting tips

  • Speaking with confidence
  • Using your personality
  • Using your body language


  • Create an objectives, key message and contents matrix

Building rapport

  • Using language with which your audience will identify
  • Getting your message across
  • Deploy presentation techniques to encourage participation

Preparing answers to likely questions

  • Planning
  • Managing questions and answers
  • Dealing with difficult and unexpected questions

Course wrap-up

  • Course review and key learning points
  • Personal action plans
  • Agreed review dates